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展開 | 闔起
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Who Am I? 
      My name is I-Chun (Nela), I spent all of my childhood and adulthood in Quito, Ecuador.  In that  country, I had many experiences that exposed me to many minority  groups such as Indians, Mestizos, Mulatos and Whites (European descendents). Each of these diverse groups have made me see their  uniqueness and their differences in thinking.

During my childhood, my parents had to work really hard to give us shelter, education, and  clothing. My parents were always working and could not stay at home and spend time with us. Due to this situation, I became more independent and developed a closer relationship with my siblings.

After graduating from high school, I moved back to Taiwan. In Taiwan, I worked closely with children of diverse age groups. I taught them Spanish as a second language. During that experience, I learned a lot about teaching and started developing knowledge and skills. After four years, training and learning with professional teachers in the United States of America, education has become an integral part of my life. I have taught elementary children and high school students Spanish, ESL (English as a Second Language) as well as Mandarin Chinese.

I earned my graduate degree at an American university (SCSU). When I was a graduate student, I had job opportunities to teach ESL as well as Spanish, not only at the college level, but, also, at high school and elementary school level in MN, USA.  Each of these experiences has been an important part of my life because they have allowed me to touch people's lives. I want to teach so I can continue helping people. As a ESL and Spanish teacher, I look forward to helping my students grow and develop, not just in their language skills but also as individuals who will be able to make good decisions and productive workers, in the future.  

My Web: http://speech.skgsh.tn.edu.tw/nela